A guide to securing a student visa for Canada

Canada is considered as one of the most popular countries due to its education system. Every year, around 1,30,000 students move to Canada to continue their education in Canada. This is because of the high-quality education system, strong research, international collaborations and scientific publications. But to apply for Canadian student visa, you must have complete information of its visas. If you don’t have much information about Canadian immigration and student visas then you can also go for hiring consultant. You can easily find Canada immigration consultant in Dubai. There are different consultants offering immigration services for different countries such as Australia immigration consultants in Dubai. However, you can get complete information about Canadian student visa in this article.

Apply at Canadian University and get offer letter:

The first step to apply for Canadian student visa is to get offer letter from Canadian university. you can search the list of Canadian universities on internet and then you can follow their admission procedures. After being accepted in any Canadian university, you will get offer letter from Canadian university.

Check if you are eligible to apply for student visa:

There are some specific categories for which student visa is not required to apply in Canadian universities. You can check this information on the official website of Canadian study portal. You don’t need student visa of Canada if you fall in the below mentioned criteria.

  • Family member of foreign representative in Canada who is accredited by the department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Enrolled in study program which lasts less than six months
  • Member of foreign armed forces

Start your application for Canadian student visa:

Then you should apply for the Canadian student visa when you will get offer letter from Canadian university. you can download the student visa from official website of Canadian student portal. Some other educational documents will also be required to apply for student visa such as your previous academic record.

Language requirements for Canadian student visa:

If you belong to non-English speaking country then you will also have to fulfill the language requirements. The accepted language tests are IELTS, TOFEL and PTE academic.

Biometric appointments and interviews:

To get Canadian student visa, you will have to qualify for the interview and once you will pass your interview you will be offered student visa.

Duration of approval of visa:

Usually, it takes upto 90 days to get your Canadian student visa but it also depends on the situation of your country.

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