Facts About Italy

Italy is a European country and it has the longest Mediterranean coastline and the best part about Italy is its food that has a very powerful impact on the world related to its cuisine and western culture. It is also has the most famous and oldest Vatican ancient ruins and its capital is Rome and they have many land marks as well. They use the euro currency and it is among the list of most visited places by the tourists in the world. Whenever we ask some couple that where they want their honeymoon to be, 90 percent of them say Italy because it is also called the country of love.

Other than the Italian pasta and Italian pizza, the Italian coffee has recently picked up a lot of market around the world. And this coffee is supplied in the best coffee and tea companies in UAE as well. There are many reasons to go to Italy, the business ventures turn out to be profitable as well and the living standard of Italy is said to be the best. Even though Italy is not cheap but still everyone is happy there and there are many employment opportunities there as well. if you are planning to go to Italy and you need more reasons to go to Italy, then you have arrived at the right site and reading the right post because here, we have mentioned some amazing facts about Italy that will make you go there now, so, keep reading to know more

No doubt that Italy is a beautiful country and that is why its nick name is Bel Paese which means beautiful country and its original name is Repubblica Italiana which means Italian Republic. Rome is a city of wonders and it has the most ancient land marks as well and you will be surprised to know that the foundation of Rome was done in 753 B.C. We have mentioned before that Italy uses euro as currency but before 2001, they used their own currency and it was named as Italian Lira. If you want to know more about Christianity then travel to Italy because 90 percent of the population there is of Catholic Christians. You will be surprised to know that 98 percent of the local Italians cannot read and write.