How to get the best features in a used photocopier

You will get to know many shops that offer used photocopier machine sale in Dubai even people in who are using this in their house hold will sell them when they need to get the new one. Before you get the used photocopier you need to inspect it fully and also ask about the original warranty card so that you will know about the exact time duration it is being used. You can also get the new one from the Canon printer dealer in Dubai but for that you have to spend a huge amount. Here are some tips to buy the used one in better condition:

Charges: First you need to check the charges of the original and new printers to get the idea about how less you have to get the used one. If the seller ask for the price which is near to the price of new photocopier and also it is being used for more than a year then this deal is worthless. You can bargain to buy on a lesser amount but if failed then you can go to any other shop.

Material: You need to check the material of inner of the photocopier. Everything including the document feeder, bin placement, paper holder should be in good condition and the cartridge should be in the working mode. If there is no ink remains in the cartridge then the seller should inform you about that because you have to buy that separately.

Color: You need to check that the photocopier you are getting is colored or black in nature. If you want it for offices use then you should go only for the black photocopier because you will not need to use the colored ink but if you are using it for the school kids then you need to get the colored one.

Installation: You need to check the installation procedure and also ask for the genuine CD that comes with the photocopier to install it into your system because it cannot work otherwise as printer or scanner. To get the benefit of all of these features you have to get original installation guide, if seller refused to give it then doesn’t buy from him. He might have the stolen photocopier machine and trying to sell it to you and then you may get in to trouble.

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