School Fee in Abu Dhabi for The Best Private Schools

The Education Council in Abu Dhabi is continuously working on offering high-standard education along with meeting the basic education needs of all classes of the economy. Over the years there has been significant improvement in the education sector. Public education in Dubai covers free of cost education from kindergarten to university level. Whereas the private sector of Abu Dhabi has seen increasing evolution by international standards. With the growth of the foreigner community and expatriate in Dubai, the private sector has emerged as the primary source of international education for them and locals. 

However, surveys show that with an increase in quality of education there has also been an increase in the school fees in Abu Dhabi.  Over the last 10 years, various schools and curriculums have shown a significant increase in school fees. However, if you are looking for quality education you must opt for these top 3 schools that we have chosen on the basis of affordability, quality of education, and the best option for providing internationally recognized curriculum and education system. 

The British School Al Khubairat

This private school normally referred to as ‘Al Khubairat’ was founded in January 1968 and registered by the government in 1971. This school is one of the best options for students who speak English as their mother tongue or native English-speaking children. As of now, this facility houses over 1800 students from international backgrounds in Dubai. It offers education from Nursery to secondary school level. The curriculum is designed to encourage all possible fields including arts. Al Khubairat is a well-recognized name among the International community in Dubai owing to its self-developmental ways and the emphasis on a good school environment that allows children to grow and learn. 

American International School in Abu Dhabi: 

Founded and inaugurated in 1995 by the EOSL this school facility was originally aimed to serve the American and expatriate community of Dubai, however, it has now evolved as one of the best private schools for both foreign and local nationals. It offers education from kindergarten to grade 11 and 12. It also offers diplomas and other courses for grades 11 to 12. It encourages a disciplined school curriculum and education system and offers a degree that will be beneficial to you all round the world. 

Dubai English Speaking School: 

This school system was founded more recently than the other two. In 2005 a head teacher Peter Daly founded this school with a mere thirty-five students in class 7. It represents students from over 50 countries and is one of the best educational options for an international community. 

With the growing opportunities, there is a wide variety of schools you can choose from if you live in Dubai. There are schools like the Canadian International School in Abu Dhabi that focus on providing an environment of growth and understanding so that your child will be prepared for international standards of Higher education. 

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