What Can Immigration Lawyers Do for Their Clients?

What Can Immigration Lawyers Do for Their Clients?

Immigration lawyers are attorneys who specialize in immigration law. Their main function is to help people who are planning to immigrate to different countries. They can counsel clients on immigration-related issues such as:

  • how to adjust to the country
  • what documentation to bring with you
  • how to negotiate residency requirements with the government
  • how to overcome employer discrimination
  • what eligibility requirements are
  • how to negotiate proper immigration documentation
  • how to stay legally in the country once you have reached your intended destination

What Services are Offered by Immigration Lawyers?

Lawyers offer a wide range of services to their clients. They can answer questions regarding immigration, prepare paperwork, check whether there are any errors in the paperwork provided by applicants, provide assistance with obtaining immigration status, advise their clients on how to apply for citizenship applications, file for correct birth or death records, and so on. These services enable clients to navigate the complex immigration procedure.

Who do Lawyers Represent?

Lawyers also provide legal representation to individuals or entities who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. For example, many pregnant mothers are unable to pursue legal proceedings on their own and need immigration lawyers to help them deal with border security agents and agencies. Some organizations and companies also cannot afford to retain a lawyer because they face serious legal fees if they lose a case.

What More is Provided by Immigration Lawyers?

Lawyers also provide advice to their clients regarding their immigration status and about potential removal proceedings specially for immigration to Quebec Canada from Oman. Many illegal aliens try to remain in the country despite the fact that unlawful entry and subsequent deportation are federal offenses. Deportation is a mandatory legal process, carried out by agents of the immigration department. Under present law, aliens who are apprehended within the country while attempting to reach the country or who are physically present in the country but in violation of immigration law are deportable.

Traits of a Good Immigration Lawyer

A good Canada immigration lawyer and law firm provides free consultation. The consultation is an ideal opportunity for clients to obtain accurate information about the legal options available to them. This information includes:

  • the status of each of their claims for relief
  • the amount of time they have to file for their application
  • the types of relief they can obtain
  • the time it will take to complete their claim
  • other relevant information

During the consultation, the attorney may also offer advice on whether or not to hire an attorney or may refer applicants to an appropriate attorney.

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