What is Experiential Marketing?

In the saturated market of today is harder than ever to catch your customer’s attention and make sure that you are making a name for yourself in the market. For this reason alone, we can see why so many brands are going for the latest marketing techniques. 10 years from now the Marketing field wouldn’t have been as important as it is today. The experiential campaigns that are used for marketing make such a big impact because they are live and interesting.

These campaigns help you command the undivided attention of your customers to help sell your product. Experiential marketing in Dubai is best described as a marketing strategy that utilizes live experiences or Branded experiences. It is sometimes referred to as live marketing or event marketing. The effect of this campaign or at least its desired goal is to create an impact on the customers that will inspire them to share the information with friends and family, therefore greatly benefit your brand.

Should you make use of Experiential Marketing?

Only you should know when to utilize experiential marketing in your marketing strategy to implement a more humanized personality of your brand. The right time depends on your goals, your level of knowledge, and experience with this sort of marketing and timeline. How long has your brand been in business? If it is a fresh start-up then it isn’t likely to have a very impressive history that you can make use of in your marketing strategy. This type of marketing is not easy to achieve, you are practically making a blend of personalized experiences and combining them with social events and struggles to implement a practical cause of the product you are trying to promote.

A good example of Experiential Marketing

Netflix utilized the famous series Gilmore girls and the much-awaited release of the premier Gilmore girls a year in the life to startup over 200 Luke’s diners around the country that served customers who were massive fans of the show. People waited in long lines outside the diner to get a chance to experience the diner. It was wildly successful

Many AI companies in Dubai are utilizing similarly experienced to promote their businesses and make a lasting impression on the customers. To pull off experiential marketing is not an easy task never the less it is a very successful strategy if implemented correctly.

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