Myths and Facts About Knee Replacement

There are myths about everything and that is also because people have made them and the fact is that if there were no myths then there would be very little research on things, so we should actually thank those people for making things up and making the experts get different ideas and get new and newer tech for the things that we are blessed with. Since this pandemic has started, people have made millions of myths but the facts are totally changed and this pandemic has also gotten the older people to stay at home and to people who needed long walks in the open. It has almost 8 months and imagine living confined for 8 months with knee pains is not easy. For them, they should visit the knee pain doctor or erectile dysfunction doctor or get the knee replacement done. Even the simplest and most common and best thing for knee pain is knee replacement and people have made myths about that as well but we are hear to bust them for good;

  1. People say that people die during the knee replacement surgery because it is very a very long surgery. Some say that it can take more than 2 hours and some say that it takes 2 hours and due to excessive loss of blood, only some people make it but the fact is that the surgery is of 60 to 90 minutes and max far it has gone to 120 minute only because every case is complicated and complication can occur during the surgery but there is nothing to worry about at all.
  2. The second myth that people believe is that they think that people cannot bend after a knee replacement. We want to know that it is knee replacement, not knee welding or just glue it up. Yes, this did happen when the option of knee replacement was not discovered and the doctors literally welded the knees and put super glue between the joints but thank the Lord for you are in a good era not only you can now bend but also dance and do all sorts of things.
  3. People say that if the surgery goes wrong, then there is no going back but again they are wrong because there are different people who have gotten their knee surgery twice and they are perfectly fine.
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