How you can use Google to make money

Google is not just a way to get information about the world but it is also used to earn money through different ways. On the way is to become the SEO expert Dubai and provide your services to people and earn money. If you want to start your own website then you can hire a web design company in UAE, get your customized website and then you can do the SEO of your own website and earn through it. Here are some of the ways through which you can earn from Google:

Relevant: To increase your earning you need to see that all the tags and pages you are linking should be relevant to each other because it will increase your income. Whenever a person will see one of your pages and then see the linkage then it will go to other page through link and it will increase your clicks and give a green signal to Google that you are providing good content. Relevancy is an important phenomenon to provide good content to your reader. If content is irrelevant, no one will read.

Keywords: This is the most crucial thing to know and work on. You have to search about the relevant keyword and give good amount of time to this part of your earning before you go further because if you have good keywords then you will earn amazingly high otherwise people will not be able to search your website. Always make sure that you user relevant keywords with your content and website niche.

Revise: It is important to know that you have to constantly change your keywords if they will stop getting more traffic. If a certain set of keywords are generating good income then you do not need to change them otherwise you have to change them in order to get more traffic. It is also important to know that you should not alter your keywords too many times or too often because it will create a negative impact on your website. You need to update and then wait for about a week to get results from them. Do not change them every other day, let them settle for a time because sometimes a set of keywords will not work at the start but will give amazing results after a few days so you need to wait for that.

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