An insight into urology and dermatology in Dubai

If anything went gone with the urinary tract then you may have to visit the special doctor known as a urologist. They are able to treat the disease from kidney stones to cancer. Urologists have knowledge about the urinary system that includes kidneys, bladder, uterus, and urethra. The urologist also able to resolve the issues about the men’s reproductive system include penis, testes, scrotum, and prostate. There is a number of the best urologist in Dubai that can even serve as a primary doctor, who can treat diseases as a problem in kidneys, prostate cancer, and the long-term problem with holding urine.

Educational background of Urologists:

Along with 4 years of a medical degree, urologists have at least 5 years of training closely related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system. Some of them even narrow down their specialty in cancer, women’s urology, children’s urology, male infertility, sexual health, kidney stones, or reconstructive urology.

Examining procedure:

The first appointment with an urologist is not being different from any other common visit to the doctor. They will ask medical history, symptoms, and medicines you are taking recently. After that, some series of physical tests been taken so that to diagnose the exact disease. Some of the common procedure includes

  • Cystoscopy: It is a close look of the bladder and urethra with a special telescope.
  • Ureterostomy: It is the same as cystoscopy it is an examination of the ureters and kidneys.
  • Prostate: In this examination, the urologist removes some tiny tissue and take a sample for the lab test of cancer
  • Nephrectomy: It is a surgery in which the urologist removes the kidney to treat cancer.
  • Vasectomy: Urologist in this examination cuts the tubes which carry sperm to protect women form pregnancy

Common signs of urinary tract problems:

  • Blood in your urine
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Pain when you pee
  • stomach ache, lower backache
  • Trouble having or keeping an erection
  • Enlarged prostate

A dermatologist is a person who deals with the problems related to the skin. Dermatology is the field of science that is related to the issues of skin, hair, and nails. There is a lot of competition within the best dermatologist in Dubai because from all over the world dermatologist comes to UAE. They give the guarantee of good skin in the harsh weather of Dubai.

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